Credit Score

VantageScore vs FICO Score

The FICO and Vantage scores are 2 different scoring models used to measure your creditworthiness.  If you want to borrow or get a credit...

The Credit Dispute Process

If your credit report has an error or an item that negatively impacts your score, you can simply request to remove them through...

Understanding New Credit

When you open a new credit card or loan, the credit bureaus might apply a strike against you. To creditors, having too much new credit may mean that you’re taking on too much risk.

Understanding Length of Credit History

How old is your credit history? The credit bureaus would like to know.  The credit you have obtained and the average of...

Understanding Payment History On Your Credit Report

Ever wonder what a late payment does to your credit score?  If you’re ever late for a bill that reports your activities to a...

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