DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Lancaster Review

Lancaster Doubletree Resort

The DoubleTree Resort by Hilton in Lancaster is an escape from the normal bustle of the city of Lancaster, PA.  Surprisingly it’s large, and the hotel boasts some interesting amenities that you won’t find in a typical Lancaster hotel.  More importantly, if you’re a gulf enthusiast, you would appreciate the 18-hole course that is readily available for you.


Although the location isn’t downtown Lancaster, the DoubleTree is located minutes from the city and minutes from the popular shopping outlet locations.  The hotel is also situated in near local attractions like the Strasburg Railroad, Dutch Wonderland (theme park), and Hershey Park.

The Arrival

Situated a little outside of the city of Lancaster, the hotel is not hard to get to.  You can access the hotel through popular highways such as route 30 and 222.

The hotel wasn’t immediately apparent as we were driving in. The building was slightly downhill as we approached the entrance.  However, we noticed that the hotel was a pretty big resort compared to other hotels in the area.  Since it’s a resort, it makes sense with all the amenities.

The parking was primarily in front of the building, although there were additional parking areas on the side.  In retrospect, I don’t think parking would be a huge problem here.


We had a King Bed Room with a whirlpool that faced the interior atrium. The view was interesting since we were facing the insides of the hotel, instead of the outside.  It did have a feeling of looking outdoors.

The room was quite spacious.  It included a nice sofa with a coffee table and a nightstand.  The TV looked like it was a 50-inch tv (I’m not sure if the description on the website is old).

Also, the bathroom had a show tub whirlpool.  I was expecting a large tub but I’m sure it would still be useful for hotel guests.


We didn’t get a chance to fully appreciate all of the amenities but the resort had all of the amenities that you’d expect from a hotel. The resort has an indoor and outdoor pool, gym, restaurant, and golf course.  

As Hilton Diamond members, we did receive a free breakfast at the Café 24 Hundred restaurant.   Note that the resort does not have an executive lounge but grants free breakfast at the 24 Hundred restaurant.   This was a surprise benefit for us since we were used to executive lounges for breakfast.

Overall Impression

The DoubleTree Resort in Lancaster was a pleasant surprise.  We didn’t know that a resort was close to the city of Lancaster, and we were very happy with the service and amenities.  The hotel and room were clean and well maintained. Moreover, the price per night was fairly reasonable. 

We would certainly come back again.