New Orleans Hilton at St. Charles Ave



The New Orleans Hilton on St. Charles Avenue is a large stone building situated in a busy business district that is in walking distance to the French Quarter.  The building was once a masonic building overlooking parts of St. Charles street in the business district. 

We booked the hotel straight from the Hilton website and used our American Express Hilton Aspire card.  The card gives us 14x back on Hilton points and other benefits. 


The Hilton on St. Charles Avenue is located on the business district of the city of New Orleans.  Although you’d think you’re far away from the action, you’re in walking distance to the French Quarter and other notable sites such as the World War II museum.

It’s relatively easy to walk out of the main entrance and then make a left on St. Charles Avenue to get to the French Quarter.  The total time is roughly 5-10 minutes to the get edge of canal street.

The Arrival

As we were dropped off by our Uber driver, we were sounded by platforms and frames for street construction. Unfortunately, we were not able to see the front of the hotel building, and because of the obstruction, the Hilton building name was unnoticeable.  I’m sure once the construction is complete, the front of the hotel would be more noticeable.

From the Louis Armstrong airport, the total time to get to this hotel was around 35 minutes.  The airport may not be close to the city, but it was a manageable ride.

The Room

Hilton St Charles Ave Corner Room 18th floor

Prior to our arrival, we got an offer to upgrade to a corner room for an additional $7 per night.  We thought this was a pretty good deal so we signed up for the offer.   Days later, we checked our Hilton app. Although our Hilton app provided us with various rooms to choose from, the corner room wasn’t available.   However, a day before our arrival, we checked the app again, and it showed that we were assigned to a corner room on the 18th floor.  This was our first experience using the app to assign our room and we now get how to use it.

When we got to our room, we were pleasantly surprised by the view. The corner room allowed us to have an almost panoramic view of the city skyline. We could see the tall building and new construction throughout the city of New Orleans.   Also, the room was much larger than a typical studio hotel room. 

The room had two chairs, a desk, and a large 50-inch tv screen.  Although it was quite roomy for a studio, I felt that there was a sense of missing furniture.  I think the room could benefit from having a sofa or something equivalent to make it feel much more at home.

Hilton St Charles New Orleans King Bed

One interesting note about our corner room was that it had a lock-off door that seemed to amplify noise from our neighbors.  We would often hear their conversation and sometimes singing.  What was worse was that our neighbors decided to stay up all night and continue to disturb us.  For us, we had to wake up at 5am for a race in New Orleans. 


One interesting note about the hotel is that it doesn’t have a pool or whirlpool for guests.   Although this is a non-resort Hilton, sometimes we’d want to relax in a pool for relaxation.  Of course, we understand that the Hilton on St. Charles Avenue is primarily a business hotel, and in large cities you often don’t find a pool or spa.

New Orleans Hilton St Charles Executive Lounge

There is another amenity that is worth noting.  As Hilton Diamond members through the Amex Hilton Aspire card, we do get access to the executive lounge, provided it’s available in the hotel.  

Luckily for us, our hotel had a large executive lounge.   Part of the space was devoted to billiards, gaming, and lounging.  The center and side areas had tables to dine and lounge as well.  We took advantage of the breakfast and evening h’orderves at certain nights.  The free food at the lounge saved us valuable time and money. 

Overall Impression

The Hilton on St. Charles Avenue certainly had some positive things going for them, including valuable amenities and proximity to the French Quarter.  The cost and stay did feel reasonable considering the quality of the room and location.  However, it could sometimes boil down to one noisy neighbor that could affect your stay.  

We would certainly come back, though we would consider a room without a lock-off or consider a change in a room depending on the circumstances.